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the leadership of beacon: board members (session elders)

Cathy, Megan, Hannah, Daniel, & Khalil

Beacon is governed by a board comprised of 5 community members, also known as a "session." Presbyterian churches are governed democratically, which means session members, or elders, have been nominated, elected, and ordained by their peers. Session members serve terms of various lengths and bring unique gifts and skills to the leadership of Beacon. The session is responsible for overseeing the entire ministry of the church: worship, program offerings, space usage, and personnel. 

Pastor &  Artist leadership of beacon: 

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The Beacon Clergy Collective

Beacon is led by The Beacon Clergy Collective, which is made up of Abi Reimold (they/them), Hannah Johnson (she/her), Rev. Laura Colee (she/her), and Rev. Timothy Wotring (he/him).


The collective works together each week to lead worship, organize programming, tend to our space, and care for our congregation and larger community. 

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