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Membership At Beacon

After a season of conversation in worship and beyond, Beacon organized as a church in November of 2015. When a group of folks come together and organize as a church, it usually means that folks become members of that church.  But the Beacon community is unique and diverse, which means we do membership a little differently.  To enable us to be the same welcoming community we have always been and make it easy for people to belong to our community, whether or not they feel ready to be a part of worship, Beacon offers two kinds of membership. 

Practicing Members

Practicing Members are folks who are ready to claim Christian faith in Jesus Christ. These are folks who plan to be a part of the life of the church, including being able to vote in church-wide decisions. By becoming Practicing Members, these folks claim Beacon as their church. 

Participant Members

Participant members participate in Beacon’s life, whether through community programs, worship, and/or sharing life with other Beacon folks, but are not ready to claim faith in Jesus Christ and/or church membership at Beacon at this time. Both are members of our community and essential parts of our life here on Cumberland Street.

What does it mean to be a member of Beacon?

In short, it means that folks are invested in building a community that lives into Beacon’s core values, listed below. Investment can take a variety of shapes—presence, program participation, volunteering, financial support, prayer, connecting Beacon with other folks and organizations, and more. Reach out to us at to talk with us more about what membership might look like for you. 

Creativity: Beacon values making art, building a creative community, and facing challenges with a creative spirit.

Local: Beacon is for our neighborhood. We work to care for and welcome neighbors and build connections between those who live alongside us.

Conversation: Beacon values listening and sharing stories in our writing, worship, meals, or art. Very simply, we want to listen to each other well and tell our truth clearly and generously.

Adventure: Beacon values a spirit of adventure in its programs, its future, and its relationships. We believe that risk may be necessary and that hope makes us who we are.

Collaboration: Beacon believes we are better together, and we value partnering with neighbors, churches, individuals, and organizations to achieve its mission in Kensington. 

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