The Lights on Cumberland Street Project

The Lights on Cumberland Street Project is a large-scale art installation of over 150 simple hanging light bulbs, a nod to the neighborhood’s industrial history, gathered together to light the sparse, airy Beacon sanctuary.  The individual lights are in honor of community members past and present, old and new, each selected by those within and beyond the church who’ve been impacted by the light they shined.  Visually, the single light bulb seems insignificant, but gathered across the ceiling, they cast light out both sides of the sanctuary and onto the street. Beacon's approach to community is similar: we may feel as if our individual efforts are insignificant, but when we gather together, concentrate those efforts, and direct all that love outward, the possiblities for a vibrant community and authentic relationships are limitless. 

The Lights on Cumberland Street were completed in April of 2014 and continue to grace Beacon's space with light and beauty today. We remain especially grateful for the design efforts of Rebecca Blake, Kristen Sorek, and the design and installation work of Joshua Schulman in bringing this to life. This art installation was crowd-funded by neighbors near and far, and every light reminds us of their generosity of support and spirit.   



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