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Beacon Core Values Conversation

In late June we gathered together to talk about Beacon’s core values—to identify, as a group, the things that Beacon cares about. We talked about values that we hoped would be true of Beacon 1, 5, 25, 100 years from now as our facilitator Jere Mahaffey led our conversation. As people shared about their experience of Beacon, several themes emerged, which have been shaped and refined into specific values.

Creativity: Beacon values making art, building a creative community, and facing challenges with a creative spirit.

Local: Beacon is for our neighborhood. We work to care for and welcome neighbors, and build connections between those who live alongside us.

Conversation: Beacon values listening and sharing stories, in our writing, worship, meals, or art. Very simply, we want to listen to each other well, and tell our truth clearly and generously.

Adventure: Beacon values a spirit of adventure in its programs, its future, and its relationships. We believe that risk may be necessary, and that hope makes us who we are.

Collaboration: Beacon believes we are better together, and we value partnering with neighbors, churches, individuals, and organizations to achieve its mission in Kensington.

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