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Update from Session about Pastoral Leadership Transition

Beacon’s Session (Board) hosted a community meeting after worship on Sunday, 11/29/20 to give an update on Becca’s pastoral transition and Session’s work to care for the Beacon congregation in this time. Becca first shared her hopes for the future, post-Beacon and we left some time for processing with Becca. After Becca announced her transition in mid-October, Session has been meeting about every two weeks. We first met at the beginning of November with leadership from the Presbytery of Philadelphia, Ruth Santana-Grace, the executive presbyter, and Pam McShane, our Commission on Ministry liaison. We met two weeks ago and again this past Sunday, this time with two leadership consultants who will be working with us in this process and helping to coach Session as we lead Beacon through this time. We have identified our initial priorities: 1) plan for worship leadership and pastoral care for a short-term period from February through May to begin with, 2) complete a mission study of Beacon to revisit Beacon’s vision and values to help us discern what we want in need in Beacon’s next pastor and leader (we plan to work on this in January and February and have a goal of March 1 to complete it), and 3) planning to celebrate Becca well as she ends her time with us. There is clearly more to be done outside of these three initial priorities and additional updates will come on a monthly basis. We opened a period of time where people asked a number of really helpful and important questions which Session worked to answer to the best of our ability at this time. We value the input, voice, and ideas of every member and participant in the Beacon community. We’ll be reaching out about our mission study which will include hearing from as many of you as would like to be part of the process through individual conversations and small groups. Additionally we also welcome your feedback outside of that time and welcome any questions be directed to any member of the Session. With gratitude, Megan D. Acedo Clerk of Session, Beacon Church

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