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Volunteer building manager at beacon

Beacon is seeking a part-time building manager to facilitate welcome, comfort, and safety in our space.  For 5-10 hours a week, this individual would be tasked with basic weekly cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, etc), simple maintenance and beautification (occasional painting, picture hanging, etc), supply maintenance (paper towels, cleaning supplies, hand soap, etc), basic set-up (moving chairs, rolling pews, writing out the chalk board), and yard care (mowing and snow-blowing, as seasonally appropriate, more if needed). 


Necessary Skills:

  •  Self-motivation and independence

  • Creative problem solving skills

  • Facility with light machinery (vacuum cleaner, lawnmower, etc)

  • Reliability

  • Familiarity with cleaning supplies and tools



Beacon’s schedule is flexible and hours could be covered anytime from 9am to 6pm, Monday-Friday.



  • PA Criminal and Child Abuse Clearance, FBI background check, facilitated  and/or funded by Beacon upon hire.


Please send resume and references, as well as any questions to

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