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Volunteer office manager at Beacon

Beacon is seeking a part-time office manager to facilitate professional and dynamic community care and outreach through organization and data management.  For 5-10 hours a week, this individual will manage Beacon’s back of house operations, to include maintaining a community database, processing documents pursuant to logistics such as insurance, billing, and building repairs, creating and maintaining an in-office file system, maintaining an institutional and building use calendar, operating the office phone and internet, and presenting a cordial and professional face to the various businesses and individuals with whom Beacon interacts.


Necessary Skills:

  • Facility with Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and general computing

  • Organization skills and attention to detail

  • Facility with email, print correspondence, and data base management

  • Professional etiquette in building and maintaining relationships with vendors and partners



Beacon’s schedule is flexible and hours could be covered anytime from 9am to 6pm, Monday-Friday.



  • PA Criminal and Child Abuse Clearance, FBI background check, all facilitated and/or funded by Beacon upon hire.


Please send resume and references, as well as any questions to

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