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We have a variety of needs on a regular basis: everything from yard equipment to art supplies. Check back often to see an updated list of current needs. Below is a PDF of current needs, but you can also give to Beacon directly from our Amazon wishlist.


Click here to see our current needs: Beacon's Amazon Wishlist

click here for mission needs 

Interested in investing in beacon's mission financially?

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Volunteering at Beacon may include anything from administrative support to greeting newcomers on Sundays to facilitating community events to working with kiddos in our program at Hackett Elementary. We welcome volunteers on a rolling basis, at varying levels of commitment (monthly, weekly, as-needed, etc). If you are interested in volunteering, simply fill out the form below and our volunteer coordinator will contact you.




mission needs

Beacon welcomes partnerships with other organizations and communities in a variety of ways: volunteer work days, financial support, hosting or providing special workshops and learning opportunities, and more. If you or your organization is interested in collaborating with Beacon in its mission to create a safe, imaginative space for the children and adults of Kensington, contact us by clicking below. 

co-dreamers wanted


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